Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Mara Love and I am an interior designer residing in Denver, Colorado.

Growing up an Arizona native, my summers as a kid consisted of visiting estate sales, rearranging the furniture in my family’s adobe-styled home, and assisting friends with design-related dilemmas; there was never a moment that I was not completely infatuated by interior spaces.

When the time came to move away for college, I became increasingly homesick for my old life back in Phoenix. I would search for any and every excuse to reincorporate design within my hectic school schedule; escaping to home consignment stores quickly became a cherished weekend activity.

As I began to settle into my new life in Colorado, I discovered the prominence of interior design within the Denver community. Visiting showrooms quickly satisfied my thirst for creativity. It was not until after graduating from the University of Denver that I realized I could transform my hobby into a fulfilling career.

I continuously seek inspiration from the outdoors, no matter where I am. Blending neutral color palettes with fresh and vibrant patterns has always been a defining principle for my personal style.

My experience within the design realm includes concept creation, space planning, AutoCAD, and project + construction management. My work as an associate designer for Andrea Schumacher Interiors, a high-end residential firm in Denver, can be viewed here.

Thank you for taking an interest in my portfolio. Please feel free to stay awhile and explore!